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“You Used To Follow Me Like A Dog, Follow, Follow”- Asem Jabs At Sammy Forson.

Ghanaian rapper Asem has thrown shots at Sammy Forson after he admonished Asem to cease the attacks he has been giving to Sarkodie.

Asem teased Sarkodie for not making any sense in his new release with Manifest titled ‘Brown Paper Bag’.

In a recent tweet, Asem said:
“Manifest verse tough. Fire. As for the other guy so so nonfa eiii wey kind matter too be this, why ebey by force? Cons and social -political rap is not for everyone see how Mdot Iash for ein own track top. Please he should stick to Azonto.”

In a subsequent tweet, Asem shared his view on the shared artwork and added that it was disrespectful to the political leaders in it.

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Sammy Forson however didn’t spare him with all his rants on social media as he advised Asem to stop the nagging and concentrate on his career.

Replying to Asem, Sammy Forson said:

“On the real bro, with all due respect, you dey over-do this thing. The music space is big enough4 everyone. U have ur legacy as Asem. Sark has built his. We ain’t in normal times & music can heal, encourage and preach change. 2pac, Bob Marley did it. Sark is on it. You can too bro.”

Descending heavily on Sammy Forson for making that tweet, Asem disclosed how Sammy Forson pleaded to be his manager but he refused him to be.

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“That bulu bulu radio presenter guy too say what? You used to follow me around like a dog. When your girl cheated on you who did you call to cry to? Tok b3l3. You were begging to be my manager but I denied you that privilege and since then you turned into a hater. Follow follow.”

Currently, Asem has been nagging on social media about Sarkodie. However the reason behind his actions lately are concealed.

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