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You Lack Protein, Still You Are Cursing Me With Eggs- Twene Jonas Responds

Social Media sensation Twene Jonas has been trending for his die hard spirit of condemning our leaders for poor leadership compared to the life he is experiencing in the United States.

Twene Jonas’s actions were seen as foul as individuals of the Asante land claimed he insulted the King Otumfour and it is against tradition.

Therefore he was ordered to come and apologize but he did not pay heed.

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Videos circulating online as members of the Asante Kingdom raining curses on him for disrespecting their king and also failing to apologize.

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The die hard Jonas came out to respond to the curses rained upon him in a grand style.

In his response, he told those cursing him should rather boil the eggs and eat them, because they lack protein in their body system.

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He went to defend his critics on all the chiefs whose water bodies have been destroyed because of illegal mining.

Watch the video:


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