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YellGh Business Tops Ghana’s Business Directory: This Is Why

YellGh Business Ghana (also known as Yellow Pages Ghana) has quickly become the number one business directory trusted by businesses, service providers, traders, firms, startups, and other entities in Ghana.

YellGh.com, the company’s web platform, has seen a regular stream of hundreds of businesses registering with them to create a business page and strong online visibility.

And now, Yellow Pages Ghana also has iOS and Android apps that offer a complete digital marketing web service for all types of businesses.

The big deal with YellGh.com is that whilst traditional telephone directory websites just list company contacts, Yellgh.com offers a complete digital marketing service for the businesses that sign up.

The staff at YellGh Business Ghana work on each business listing until the Pages rank prominently on Google Search.

So while other directories are just a database of companies phone numbers – YellGh.com takes it even further by offering a strong internet presence and online visibility services to its clients.

The invaluable service offered by YellGh for Ghanaian businesses is search engine optimization (SEO). This means you add your business to your platform, then our team of skilled professionals would help you to scale your digital marketing by boosting your online visibility with our advanced SEO tools and techniques’,  a spokesperson told Ghanaarticles.com.

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With YellGh Business Ghana, businesses can get their own webpage that will rank number one on Google and other search engines.

This will help the client outrank competitors and establish a strong online presence.

For those companies that do not own a website, YellGh Business Directory allows them to use their webpage as a primary online marketing tool to engage with customers and potential clients.

The company offers a unique, real-time and accurate page views feature. This helps the client track traffic statistics on their dashboard.

It lets them know and interpret how well their online marketing approach is faring. On top of this are customer reviews and a ratings board.

This enables them to connect with new customers and increase the quality of service. Through the direct message option, direct communication is formed between the visitor and the company.

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“All business owners who sign up on Yellow Pages Ghana get their own dedicated dashboards from where they can control what’s going on their pages. From your dashboard, you can edit your business details, add more businesses, or promote your business”, the spokesperson for YellGh Business Ghana added.

Additional benefits to signing up on YellGh.com include enhanced online presence, a modern business page, strong visibility in the client’s city, increase in sales by getting discovered easily, increased brand awareness, SEO boost, #1 ranking on Google and so on.

The company has formulated three business listing packages that offer a set of the above-mentioned benefits.

Clients can choose from the Basic Business Listing Package, the Advanced Business Listing Package and the Premium Business Listing Package.

For more information, please visit: www.yellgh.com

Media Contact:

Dennis Gyamfi Bediako
Email: [email protected]
iOS app: https://apps.apple.com/gh/app/yellgh/id1558426023
Android app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.yellowpagesghana.app


Source: Ghanaarticles.com

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