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Why is the Poor Man POOR?

Poverty is not only a state of being; it is a state of the mind. You are poor because you want to be poor, not because your parents were poor, or because you were born into a poor family.

Otherwise, if you are willing you can go up, only you are preventing yourself from going up.

Here are some of the reasons I think many are still not rich:

1. Unable to manage your state of being; what this means is that while you may have a lot of talents, dreams and abilities, you cannot manage them for one reason or the other. It is mostly because you have refused to deal with issues directly. This will lead to feelings of overwhelmed and tiredness. You decisions will be based on fear and your future will always seem uncertain. You will be setting yourself up for failure if you do not deal with what you fear the most and challenge them. You must empower yourself and get the mental edge and attitude that will help you to get away from your poverty. Some of the things you need to acquire include courage, passion, ambition and mostly confidence. You need to know that despite what happens on the way, there is no room for feeling bad or getting discouraged.

2. You do not have goals: you can be confident and have all the conviction in the world, but if you do not have a plan of where you want to go and where you want to be in the next few years, you will remain poor. Likewise, if you have goals that are set too high and those that are set too low, you will get discouraged or bored in the process. Do not be average, but do not set your goals too high as you will soon abandon them.

3. You do not take action: you have a working plan and you have all the confidence and conviction, but they remain just that.

For one reason or the other you never get to move and work on them. You are either too afraid to start or you never get the time to do it. you have to wake up and deal with issues one way or the other and if you do not, you will always remain poor.

4. Attitudes about money; Do you care about your money? Your attitude about money is limiting and this is the reason you are poor. You believe that you are a creature of your own circumstances and you do not want to do much about changing your circumstance. If you change your thinking and know that you can change a lot of things about your circumstances you will change many things in your life.

5. You never take responsibility; for anything — playing the blame game has never helped anyone. You do not think you can change anything about yourself, you think everyone else is responsible for what you lack. You will be powerless if you think your future is in the hands of other people. Avoid the blame game. If you want to make money and success in your life.

6. Wrong compan. You associate with people who have bad attitude. Birds of a feather flock together, if the people who influence you are those who have bad attitude towards money and are always going the blame game route, you will have a problem managing your own life.

7. You are always complaining. Instead of moving your life forward, you are always looking for what’s wrong and talking about it. What your focus on you will eventually attract.

When you talk about all the crap in your life, you will always notice all the crap and you will never be able to make much out of it. You will not see a reason to work hard to change anything about yourself because everything will seem crappy to you.

8. You do not have a mentor, or the one you have is not good. People who do not have money cannot be mentors to people who want to get money into their lives. We have a world of people, all who want to be looked upon by those who want to have money, but they haven’t acquired money themselves. They cannot give advice about money themselves. This is not a good mentor. Do not choose someone without ethics, even if he has all the money in the world.

9. You are impatient with learning the ropes. You will not have the skills from the beginning, but you will learn with time. This is something you have to be patient about. Take your time to learn the skills of business and making money, this will take some time, so do not be ashamed of learning.

10. You slave away for a paycheck — you live from paycheck to paycheck and never save and you never manage your money well.

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