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Two students Drowned in a River in the Ashanti Region

Two students tragically lost their lives in a river near Mankranso, located in the Ashanti Region. The unfortunate incident occurred when these students accidentally slipped from a substantial log that had been serving as a makeshift bridge connecting different parts of the town.

Subsequent to this, traditional rituals were performed, ultimately leading to the recovery of their bodies.


In the video footage, one can observe a gathering of people by the river, patiently awaiting the completion of these rituals before the bodies could be retrieved.

Given this distressing incident, it is imperative for local authorities in the area to earnestly appeal to the government for the construction of a proper bridge over this river. This is particularly crucial because students frequently use this route, and without timely intervention, there remains a looming threat of further drownings. Such a situation may even deter students from attending school due to the fear of encountering the same perilous fate.

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