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Tunisia PM Fumes After Sacking Of Health Minister Over Skyrocketing Covid Cases



Tunisia PM Fumes After Sacking Of Health Minister Over Skyrocketing Covid Cases

Tunisia’s government stumbled deeper into crisis on Wednesday over its handling of the coronavirus pandemic, after premier Hichem Mechichi fired the health minister amid skyrocketing cases in the North African country.

Mechichi, whose office had announced Faouzi Mehdi’s sacking in a brief statement on Tuesday evening, slammed the minister’s performance, pinpointing a critical lack of oxygen at Tunisian hospitals and a slow rollout of vaccines.

“There’s an extraordinary level of dysfunction at the head of the health ministry,” Mechichi told health officials in footage published on his Facebook page late Tuesday.

Tunisia has been facing an overwhelming Covid-19 caseload that has left more than 17,000 people dead in a population of around 12 million.

The country’s hospitals have faced acute shortages of oxygen, staff and intensive care beds, and fewer than eight percent of the population are fully vaccinated.

TUNISIA : Health minister Faouzi Mehdi still behind on emergency supply  orders - 01/12/2020 - Africa Intelligence

Faouzi Mehdi, Tunisia Health Minister

Mehdi’s sacking came a day after the start of a temporary opening of vaccination stations to those over 18, to mark the Eid al-Adha Muslim festival.

But that led to stampedes at some of the 29 vaccination centres, where jab stocks quickly ran dry.

Mechichi slammed the programme as “populist” and “criminal”.

“Neither the head of the government nor the governors nor the security services were aware” ahead of time, he said.

But analyst Selim Kharrat suggested that Mehdi had been made a scapegoat.

“There have been contradictory decisions, restrictions haven’t been implemented, and there has been a failure to think ahead,” he said.

– Third-worst death rate –

Kharrat noted that the health ministry had warned in May over potential oxygen shortages.

Oxygen concentrators sent from France in early June are not yet fully operational due to bureaucratic delays.

Meanwhile, Tunisia’s decaying health facilities have been swamped with coronavirus patients.

In some cases, bodies of victims have been left lying in hospital wards next to other patients for up to 24 hours because there was not enough staff to organise transfers to overstretched mortuaries.

According to Our World in Data, Tunisia currently has the third-highest rate of daily Covid deaths per population in the world, after Ecuador and Namibia — although the World Health Organization has said it is more transparent with its data than many other countries.

Tunisia PM Fumes After Sacking Of Health Minister Over Skyrocketing Covid Cases

Tunisia PM Fumes After Sacking Of Health Minister Over Skyrocketing Covid Cases

Tunisia’s crisis has pushed countries from Gulf states to former colonial power France and even cash-strapped Mauritania to send medical aid.

The government of war-torn neighbour Libya in early July closed their shared border and suspended air links with Tunisia over the rocketing caseload.

Tunisia has also struggled to get its coronavirus vaccination campaign off the ground.

Tunisians have lived through a decade of political turmoil and economic crisis since their 2011 revolution which overthrew dictator Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, leaving vital public services crumbling.

The country’s fractious political class have been unable to form lasting, effective governments.

Since President Kais Saied was elected in 2019, he has been locked in a showdown with Mechichi and parliament speaker Rached Ghannouchi, which has blocked ministerial appointments and crippled the state’s ability to tackle Tunisia’s multiple economic and social problems.

“We have a head of government who uses his ministers as fuses, to absorb any public dissatisfaction,” Kharrat said.

“But how long can that last?”


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First Lady of Haiti Demands Justice For Her Husband’s Murder



Haiti President’s funeral
  • Haiti said farewell Friday to its slain president Jovenel Moise under tight security at a state funeral marred by an eruption of gunfire outside the venue, highlighting the instability of the impoverished Caribbean country.

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BREAKING!!!!! Haiti's President Killed In His Home

BREAKING!!!!! Haiti’s President Killed In His Home

Just over two weeks after the 53-year-old Moise was shot dead in his home in Port-au-Prince in the early hours of July 7, he was interred in Cap-Haitien, the main city in his native northern region.


In an open-air funeral lasting several hours, Moise’s coffin was draped in the red, white and blue Haitian flag and the presidential sash, and surrounded by flowers. Military guards kept watch, and soldiers performed the national and presidential anthems.

Haiti President’s funeral

Haiti President’s funeral

One by one, representatives of the government and foreign diplomats stopped to pay their respects to Moise’s widow Martine who was seriously wounded in the attack that killed her husband, and required treatment in the United States.

She had her arm in a sling and wore a black hat and a mask bearing a photo of her late husband on one side.

Killed Haiti President, Jovenel Moïse Buried! [Photos]

Killed Haiti President, Jovenel Moïse Buried! [Photos]

What crime did you commit to deserve such punishment?” she asked in an emotional eulogy, calling Haitian politics “rotten and unfair” and insisting her husband had tried to clean it up before being “savagely murdered.”

“Overnight, he found the whole system lined up against him,” the widow said, nevertheless noting she was not seeking “revenge or violence.”

Despite her praise, the late president was not a popular man — many people accused him of failing to make progress on the country’s many woes.


And in a sign of Haiti’s chronic security problems, despite a robust police presence in the streets of Cap-Haitien, gunfire rang out during the funeral, prompting some in attendance to leave early.

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US President Joe Biden had sent a high-level delegation to the funeral, including his ambassador to the United Nations, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, and his new special envoy to Haiti, Daniel Foote.


“Members of the presidential delegation to the funeral of president Moise have arrived safely back in the United States,” Thomas-Greenfield said in a statement, underscoring her country’s committment “to support an inclusive and peaceful dialogue in Haiti.”


US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said Washington remained “deeply concerned about the situation on the ground in Haiti.”


“We strongly urge all parties to express themselves peacefully, and call on Haiti’s leaders to be clear that their supporters must refrain from violence,” Sullivan said in a statement.

So far, more than 20 people have been arrested in connection with Moise’s assassination, most of them Colombians, and police say the plot was organized by Haitians with political ambitions and links outside the country.

But the case remains murky, with many unanswered questions, such as how no members of the presidential security detail were wounded in the brazen assault.

Haitians have expressed shock that those tasked with protecting the president and his home failed him so abjectly.

Haiti is riddled with crime and powerful gangs — problems that were exacerbated during Moise’s presidency

Earlier this week, clashes broke out in Cap-Haitien when police chief Leon Charles visited ahead of the ceremony.

He was booed and heckled while inspecting security arrangements for the funeral by local residents who blame him for not protecting Moise.

In Cap-Haitien on Friday, several roads were blocked by barricades and cars in flames. Several businesses were torched. Local and foreign journalists were attacked by protesters.

– Praying for justice -Memorial ceremonies in honor of Moise have been held this week in Port-au-Prince as well.

Attending one of them was new Prime Minister Ariel Henry, who was sworn in Tuesday and vowed to restore order and organize long-delayed elections sought by Haitians and the international community.

Haiti currently has no working parliament and only a handful of elected senators. The interim government installed this week has no president.

Washington has said elections should be held later this year.

Moise had ruled Haiti, the poorest country in the Americas, by decree after legislative elections due in 2018 were delayed in following multiple disputes.

As well as presidential, legislative and local elections, Haiti had been due to have a constitutional referendum in September after it was twice postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.



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COVID-19: Active Cases Recorded Amongst 100 Students In 4 Schools In Kumasi



Achimota School COVID-19 Delta variant
At least, four Senior High Schools in the Ashanti region, have recorded over 100 Covid-19 active cases between them as the upsurge in cases continue.

Almost all Districts, Municipal and Metropolitan Assemblies in the region have recorded cases, thus contributing to the current 840 active cases with 260 deaths.

The increasing spate of Covid-19 positive cases has left health authorities distressed, especially by the outbreak of the disease in Senior High Schools.

“So far, we’ve had outbreaks in 4 Senior High Schools in Ashanti. But if the outbreak is in a congregate setting, then, it makes it more serious in the sense that all of them are together,” Ashanti Regional Health Director, Dr. Emmanuel Tinkorang revealed.

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“Even if one person is infected, it is likely that, it may spread to the whole school,” he added.


So far, the Ashanti region has recorded the Alpha, Beta and Delta variants. The Delta variant is noted for its rapid spread.


“What is worrying is that we are having most of the outbreaks in Kumasi Metro and also secondary schools in the region and it’s a cause for worry,” Dr. Emmanuel Tinkorang said.

He called for strict enforcement of safety protocols in schools among students and teachers to help stop the spread of Covid-19.

Dr. Tinkorang also mentioned blatant disregard for Covid-19 safety protocols, especially at funerals and public places as sources of spread of the virus. He noted that such attitudes do not only erode the gains made in the fight against Covid-19, but makes a third wave very likely in the region.

“One thing that is worrying is the way we organize the funerals in Ashanti. If you go round the whole region, you realize that the community has totally disregarded all the protocols and the guidelines that we’ve given.  That’s the area we need to focus,” he said.

The Regional Health Director wants funerals to be supervised by health authorities and the Police henceforth.

The suggestion comes as the Ghana Health Service draws up modalities on how funerals should be organized in the midst of the pandemic.

Whilst blaming public apathy, Dr. Tinkorang said continued disregard for Covid-19 safety protocols, especially at funerals, can lead to what he described as super spreaders.





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‘When I Employed 7,000 Pastors Social Media Was Dead’ Bishop David Oyedepo Breaks Silence Over sacking Of Pastors (Video)



'When I Employed 7,000 Pastors Social Media Was Dead' Bishop David Oyedepo Breaks Silence Over sacking Of Pastors (Video)

Founder and Presiding Bishop of Faith Tabernacle church, Bishop David Oyedepo has finally reacted after he sacked some pastors in the church.

According to Bishop David Oyedepo, he sacked them because they were unfruitful in their work as pastors.

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“We asked you to go because you’re unfruitful blatant failure,” he noted.

Recently, the Nigerian preacher was heavily bashed by critics after reports went out he has sacked multiple pastors from his church over low income in their branches.

Bishop David Oyedepo

Some of the affected pastors who spoke to the media alleged the church did not serve them due notice of their sacking.

However, the renowned man of God speaking at a conference meeting stated that many people don’t understand their ministry.

He added that when his church was employing thousands of pastors, social media were silent on it.

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Bishop Oyedepo disclosed that his church has employed more people than many states in Nigeria.

“When we employed 7,000 pastors at once social media was dead,” Bishop Oyedepo said.

“We have more employees in this organisation than most of the states,” the preacher man added.

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