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Tricky Tips To Use To Know If Someone Is Single Without Making It Obvious You Have A Crush.

Is there a way to ask someone if they are single without necessarily telling them you have a crush on them? It can be possible the person you are crushing on may be in a relationship he or she is shy to talk about. Here are some tricky tips to use to know if someone is single.

Internet stalk is the most innocuous and easy way of finding out if someone is in a relationship or not. Social media pages like Facebook, Instagram, twitter, telegram and others can help you to know. For instance if you see a picture captioned ‘ my date’ in a birthday party and the date refers to a bottle of wine then you can make an eighty percent conclusion that they are single. Just be careful not to mistaken a sister for a girlfriend or vice versa.

This is very useful to those who have some acting background or at least some general self-confidence when it comes to making up conversations. You can deliberately fix into the conversation ‘your girlfriend’ and then when they say ‘Oh I don’t have one’, you then pretend they have mentioned a girlfriend or boyfriend to you and blush a little. This approach can be a bit obvious and needs some planning. Another instance is say you are discussing about an upcoming vacation with your crush and want to satisfy your curiosity by who he or she is going with, you can go like ‘Oh with your family?’ and then when they answer and say ‘Oh no with my boyfriend/girlfriend’, then you notice they have been already taken.

Podcasts looks like one of the talk of the town these days.Mention a dating podcast to your crush and see if they are interested. It is an indirect way to start the conversation about your love lives under the guise of talking about a podcast. This is highly recommended.

Discover to see if your crush will be willing to start a converstion about dating issues and conversations.If they don’t seem to be interested, then you may want to go blunt by letting the cat out of the bag and asking them what is going on with their love life. Better still, you can internet stalk them. Some people also believe that before asking them such questions whether they are single or not, you need to have some sort of connection with the person. That will actually facilitate them to open up to you about their love life.
Go ahead and do your ‘detective’ work and wishing you all the best in discovering whether your crush is single or not.

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