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 Fashion: Top 15 Trending Ghanaian Dresses In 2022 (Photos)



The latest Ghanaian fashion styles reveal the people’s diversity and distinctive clothing taste.

Conservative women wear outfits that do not show much skin or body curves. In contrast, these clothing designs entice modern women.

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The new trend of Ghanaian fashion dresses is couple’s matching outfits.

Below are the latest Ghanaian fashion styles in 2021, including Ghanaian fashion dresses pictures for guys.

1. A mid-calf size Kento dress and African wax print male shirt

The lady’s tea-length silhouette has a full circle skirt that hits at the mid-calf. Wear it with cute medium or low-heeled pumps or flats for a classic look. It matches perfectly with the man’s simple Ankara shirt.

Ghanaian fashion dresses: Top trending in 2021 (photos) ▷ Ghana news | YEN.COM.GH

2. The short princess dress

Most African-in-laws hate seeing females in revealing outfits. However, these types of African wear styles for ladies are the best for naturally naughty and seductive women.

Ghanaian fashion dresses: Top trending in 2021 (photos) ▷ Ghana news | YEN.COM.GH

If your partner approves a slightly provocative romantic gesture, wear the short princess dress.

Show him that your taste of fashion is still intact, although it has been years into marriage.

3. African print maxi dress

These designs of African wear for ladies are loosely attached to the body.

Ghanaian fashion dresses

They are recommended for pregnant women to enhance the unborn baby’s development instead of the tight Ghanaian fashion dresses.

The East African coastal communities call them Deras.

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4. Ankara overcoats

You would get weird stares a few years ago if you wore African print attires in developed countries.

Top Ten Ankara Jacket Styles | Naija News


However, Ankara jackets are now a considerable part of western culture.

Although these coats are among the most expensive attires in developed countries, everyone wants to own several of them.

5. An African ball gown

Your African princess will surely love this outfit. The ever-trending children’s Cinderella movies inspired it.

Red African Ball Gown | African Print Dresses | African Clothing Styles | African clothing styles, African prom dresses, African print fashion dresses

As long as the world cherishes these movies, this cloth will always be a fashion masterpiece.

6. Denim Ankara tops and shirts

The lady matched the man’s Ankara denim shirt by putting on a gorgeous high-low peplum Ankara top.

Ghanaian fashion dresses

The Ankara denim shirts, shorts, and bomber jackets are the latest Ghanaian fashion dresses for guys.

7. A bodycon dress

When you mix traditional Ghana dress styles and fabrics with other countries’ textiles like satin, the outcomes are the all-time exquisite and trendy fashion pieces.

Ghanaian fashion dresses

Bodycon designs are the latest straight dress styles in Ghana. The stylish laces in front turn this cloth into a feminine treasure.

8. Ankara jumpsuits

The jumpsuit is simultaneously comfortable and makes you look and feel good the entire time you will be wearing it.

2018 Ankara Jumpsuit Styles For Elegant Women | FabWoman

The slim-fitting one-piece garment covering the arms and legs is meant for a fancier event because it lends the person a high-class appearance.

9. A traditional Ankara suit and an African print mermaid gown

Impress people out there and kill your relationship’s haters with jealously by stepping out in your favorite traditional Ankara male suit that matches the fabric of your spouse’s attire.

Ghanaian fashion dresses

Show them that you have the best partner in fashion and love.

10. The sexy African print maxi dress

Dinner dates and female parties were not part of Africa’s lifestyle years ago but not in the 21st century.

Ghanaian fashion dresses

Ladies make unforgettable impressions on their guests by putting on these sexy straight dress styles for dinners and night events.

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11. A Kento shirt dress

An African print shirt outfit of any design looks good with ankle boots, stilettoes, and other shoe designs.

Ghanaian fashion dresses

A thick or medium-sized waist belt will help you define your waistline. You can also wear plain-colored leggings, body-shaping jeans, or a mini-skirt beneath the garment.

12. Mermaid kitenge silhouette

The garment resembles a mermaid white wedding gown! Would you wear these beautiful African dresses styles to your weddings?

Kitenge Dresses for Wedding-30 Beautiful Kitenge Bridal Design | African prom dresses, African attire, African fashion dresses

If not, wear it on to the dining reception after the ceremony. The flattering fishtail outfit will never go out of style.

 13. Ankara female mini-skirt and male shorts

The African print short looks incredible when paired with a cowboy hat and a plain colored shirt or t-shirt and sneakers.

Ghanaian fashion dresses

The sneakers must match the color of the shirt. The lady also looks fantastic in a similar outfit as his.

14. Ankara rompers

Ankara rompers are among some of Ghana latest fashion dresses.

African Clothing/ Ankara Romper/ Ankara Print/ Ready to Wear | African clothing styles, African fashion, African clothing

The right choice of traditional Ghana fabric gives you an excellent, flirty, classic, and playful romper design. Try it out to experience its sweetness.

15. Ankara jacket and skirt

When your boss instructs you to wear a cultural-themed attire for an event, wear this eye-catchy garment.

African Print Blazer Jacket with Mini Skirt - Ankara Print - African Dress - Two Piece … | Office wear women, African clothing styles, African print fashion dresses

The outfit will lend you an unmatched casual-official appearance that will not only drop the jaws of your colleagues but also increase the chances of getting a promotion.

16. Two-piece off-the-shoulder Kento sundresses

The above Ghanaian fashion wear has got your back on afternoon or evening walks along the beach.

Ghanaian fashion dresses

It is light in weight and has a chic, simple, and fun look that allows you to experiment with different accessories and makeup. Please remember to bring a matching clutch purse without a strap to the beach if necessary.

Have these Ghanaian fashion dresses motivated you to wear more African print clothes? You will be delighted by these fabrics’ durability and comfort. Moreover, they are very affordable and easily accessible in any African country.



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