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‘There Must Be A Plan B For The Resumption Of Serie A’

CONI President Giovanni Malagò has claimed ‘there must be a Plan B’ for the resumption of Serie A but knows the playoff hypothesis is not welcomed by everyone.

As Serie A works on the resumption, the CONI chief insists the championship will need alternatives in case of emergency and claims ‘getting there can’t be the only solution’.

“For months I insisted that we aim to start again but since it’s not possible to make long-term forecasts, given the existing variables, there must also be a Plan B,” he told La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“Not having one is a mistake. I’ll give you an example: Tomorrow, we go by boat from Naples to reach Corsica because the sea is calm, but after a few miles it starts to rise and we must have a plan to either go back or change course.

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“Getting there can’t be the only solution. The commander must have alternatives. Abroad, the championships have either been shut down or whoever has decided to reopen them or intends to do so, meanwhile, has made everything safe in the event of a new stop.

“I speak of agreements with the various components and with the broadcasters. Like the Bundesliga.”

Serie A wanted to resume on June 13, but the new decree has suspended all sporting activities until June 14 and one of the alternatives could be the hypothesis of a playoff to assign the championship on the pitch.

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“If the contagion curve keeps a low index, I think there will be no problem starting a couple of days before.

“I read [about the hypothesis] and I understand that everyone doesn’t agree. I want to be clear that CONI only has interests if football, or better to say Serie A, manages to solve problems.

“I’m not invading the pitch as someone has defined it. I have a proactive, non-critical attitude.”

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