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The Amazing Benefits of Breastmilk you didn’t know!.

Breastmilk is the the first vaccine that provides babies with essential nutrients, antibodies and factors that protect them form infection. The aim of every parent is to protect their children from harm. Within the first 6 hours of birth and thereafter , when a baby is fed with his or her mothers breast milk, the baby is assured of being free from illness and diseases.
According to UNICEF in 1999, if every baby is exclusively breast fed from birth, and estimated 1.5 million lives will be estimated globally each year.
Breastmilk contains antibodies that helps babies fight off bacteria and viruses. When a mother is exposed to virus or bacteria, she starts to produce antibodies. These antibodies secretes into the breast milk and passed on to the baby during breastfeeding. It also protects the baby girl getting sick by forming a protective layer in the bays throat, nose and digestive system.
Breastmilk also promotes healthy weight gain in babies and helps prevent childhood obesity. Studies revealed that obesity rates are 15-30% lower in breastfed babies. Breathed babies also regulate their milk intake. They are good at eating just to satisfy their hunger which regulates their eating patterns.
It is very important for every mother to breastfeed her baby in order to be assured of a whole healthy living of babies.

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