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Signs To Know Your Wants To Steal A Kiss From You



Signs To Know Your Wants To Steal A Kiss From You
We all know how special first dates are – the fluttering butterflies in your stomach, hours of dressing up, trying to look pitch-perfect.

But the perfect outfits and the conversation topics you memorized won’t do you much good if you let all the signs he wants to kiss you slip right by you.

You’ll be kicking yourself the next day when you realize that he was trying to lean in for a kiss, which you mistook for a hug.

Granted, your faux pas may not have been so blatant. But if the date went well and you were left trying to figure out why you two didn’t kiss at the end of it, it could be because you didn’t know about the signs a guy wants to kiss you.

After all, they’re not really that simple to pick up on, unless you know what you’re looking for.

Whether you are in high school or have just left your child with a babysitter to be with that special someone, the problem is first dates don’t come with the certainty of a first kiss.

To make sure you’re not left deliberating “does he want to kiss me or not?” throughout the entire date, let’s take a look at what you should be looking out for.

Dating isn’t exactly the most straightforward thing in the world. While you’re worried about things like how you look and whether you shouldn’t have said what you just said, picking up on the physical signs he wants to kiss you might be impossible. Especially if he’s one of the shy guys.

All this uncertainty about whether or not the date will culminate with a kiss can add to your already brimming dating anxiety. As always, we’re here to save the day for you with a checklist of possible physical signs a guy would give when he wants to kiss you.

If you don’t see any of the signs, head back home and get back to your Netflix binging ways. And if you do, use your body language to convey that you’re open to, even looking forward to the prospect of it. First things first, pay attention to these 10 physical signs he wants to kiss you:

1. The flirting will usually give it away

You may argue that every guy usually flirts, at least on dates, so how can this be a sign? Well, yes, trying to impress you with some random pick-up lines or complimenting you, is usually how guys do it. But when a guy is building up to that first kiss, he’s going to get extra flirty. He’d give compliments on your physical attributes instead of your personality.

For example, he may say things like:

  • I like that shade of lipstick on you
  • I have never seen skin as smooth as yours
  • Your glow is marvelous. I am sure you don’t need night lamps at home
  • You look very cute, excuse me if I get a bit nervous

2. His eyes will give you signs he wants to kiss you

Taking forward our first point, while your man is either complimenting you or trying to constantly flirt with you, his eyes speak more than he does. He would constantly stare at you shifting his gaze from your eyes to lips, going down further, before meeting your eye again. And he’d be bearing a mischievous look all the while. More or less, he’ll be trying to flirt with his eyes.

Even if he’s making it a point to maintain eye contact with you, know that it definitely means he’s trying to seem confident. We’re pretty sure while he’s gazing deep into your eyes, he’s going to end up complimenting them as well.

3. He’ll lower his voice

Whether you have heard his voice a million times or if it’s the first time, you will be able to tell when his voice takes on a deep, husky overtone. If he sounds seductive, it is a clear hint of his intentions. He may even be trying to turn you on by giving you those sensual compliments with the deepest tone to his voice.

If you’re trying to figure out how to know he wants to kiss you, all you have to do is pay attention to the tone of his voice. A deeper, more bass-like voice is usually associated with masculinity, and he’s definitely going to take it two notches lower.

4. He notices the little things

Attention to detail is often not the strong suit of men, especially when it comes to looks and appearances. So, if he is noticing and commenting on things like your fragrance, nail color, and shoes, rest assured, you are his top priority this evening.

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If you two have met before and he notices that you changed your hair for this date, it’s bound to make you feel special. He may even remember what your favorite color is, and wear a shirt to match. Sure, his shirt won’t make you say something like “He wants to kiss me, right?” to yourself, but when he compliments the subtleties of your outfit, he’s definitely on to something more.

5. He licks his lips

When guys want to kiss you, they already imagine that they are, and hence lick their lips. Another reason behind this could be that he is giving you a clear sign that he wants to kiss you. It may be subtle and he may not even realize it himself, but if mid-conversation you see him lick his lips while maintaining eye contact, subconsciously or consciously, he’s trying to tell you something.

6. Accidental and not-so-accidental touches

When you’re trying to figure out how to tell if a guy wants to kiss you or not, the kind of physical contact he makes will be a great indicator. He’ll build up the chemistry and sexual tension before making his move, so you can expect some touches here and there.

For instance, he may try to pick up his glass at the same time as you, brushing your hand slightly in the process. Or he could “accidentally” end up brushing his leg against yours, especially if you’re sitting next to each other. Perhaps, he may slowly wipe the corner of your lips to clean a food stain when you eat (yes, it can happen outside of the movies too). Physical signs he wants to kiss you don’t get any clearer than this.

7. If he checks on his breath before leaving

This can be hard to keep an eye out for and notice, as he may not be upfront about it or do it unabashedly in front of his date, in a public place no less. But there is a good chance he may do it when he thinks you’re not looking. So, keep track of his actions from the corner of your eye.

8. His body language will give it away

Wondering how to tell if he wants to kiss you? The best way to tell is by analyzing his body language. Whether he’s doing it consciously or subconsciously, he’s probably going to give away a few cues. If he’s leaning in, closing in the distance between you two, it’s one of the biggest signs he wants to kiss you.

He definitely won’t have his arms crossed out in front of you, he’ll have an inviting stance and a friendly posture. He’ll make plenty of eye contact and won’t seem threatening. One of the signs he wants to kiss you but is scared is when he tries to close the distance between you two but doesn’t make his move.

9. He tells you

All right, he may not say it outrightly, but there’s still a chance he may mention that he wants to kiss you. If you’re trying to figure out how to tell if he wants to kiss you, take note of the things he says. If he’s trying to give out clear signs of his intentions, he might end up saying things like

10. He’ll give clear physical signs he wants to kiss you toward the end of the date

The date is over, and as a gentleman, he offered to drive you back home. Here you are standing in front of your building.

There is an awkward pause, as you both contemplate whether to lean in for that kiss or just wrap it up with a goodbye hug. But if he gets intimate, he’s giving you clear signs that he would like to stay.

He lingers at the doorway before he leaves, giving you the authority to decide whether you want to encourage that kiss or send him packing with a lackluster “see you soon”.

If you’re on a date with a half-decent guy, we can assure you that the step-by-step guide to the evening works more often than not.

Also, when he makes the move for that first kiss, remember that you’re under no obligation to reciprocate. You have complete freedom of choice to decide if you want to kiss him back or not. So, follow your heart and don’t forget to have fun.


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Sex And Relationship

10 Smart Ways To Avoid Divorce This Year



10 Smart Ways To Avoid Divorce This Year
You know those days when your husband has walked past the clean laundry basket you left strategically on the stairs for him to take up or piled all the dirty clothes next to (but not in) the hamper and you start fighting and you kind of sort of start to wonder really, how hard would it be to live apart?

Yeah, me too.

We’ve all been there, but let’s face it: divorce is not a glamorous option and it won’t magically transform your life with sunshine and rainbows.

So if you’re in this union for the long haul, pick a tip or two for divorce-proofing your marriage.

How to not get divorced in 2022 (or any year for that matter):

1. Let go of the “rules.”

You know the ones that say you need to have sex ‘X’ amounts a week and have regular date nights and leave spontaneous love notes around the house?

Yeah, you can forget about those. There are no rules for marriage and as long as you’re both satisfied, who cares if date night isn’t happening?

And as for the sex thing, quality over quantity can suffice in the season of parenting little kids, am I right? (Please say I’m right.)

2. Spend time apart.

After having our fourth child, our marriage has been a bit, well, shall we say, “challenged,” and in my husband’s words, it’s time for this mama to have some time away from everyone.

The hubs claims that he’s booking me a night away, anywhere, all alone and who am I to disagree with the wisdom in that?

3. Choose happiness over winning.

I love the story of Meagan Francis, a writer and mom of five who — get this — divorced and then re-married her husband.

She’s shared her story online, saying that one of the key lessons she learned is that sometimes, even when you’re the one who’s “right” in a fight, it really doesn’t matter if you’re unhappy.

“Deciding to be the first person to drop an argument, apologize, or give in doesn’t make you a pushover,” she writes on her blog. “It just means you’ve made a choice to focus on the things in your relationship that bring you joy rather than frustration.”

4. Get rid of the mental scorecard.

I mean, honestly, we all have it. In fact, I have a pretty long running tally in my head of all the things that I do for our marriage and our lives vs. my husband’s efforts, but when it really comes right down to it, who is it helping to keep score?

Aren’t we in this partnership together as a team? It’s time to clear that card, guys.

5. Be your own couple.

The times that I am most unhappy in our marriage also happen to be the times when I start comparing our relationship to other couples.

Becky and John work out together? Hmmpphh. Alyssa and John have the most adorable at-home date nights? Why can’t we do that? What’s wrong with us?

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It’s exhausting to try to keep track of what works for other couples, so here’s the tip of the day: Don’t.

Focus on what makes you tick together and lose the rest.

6. Go to bed angry.

Honestly, whoever came up with the rule that you should never go to bed angry?

Maybe this tip is more applicable for parents, but I’ll tell you one thing — I say a lot of horrible things when I’m tired.

So some of the best things I’ve ever done in my marriage have been to actually go to bed angry because odds are I will save myself from saying something I would really regret the next day.

7. Marry a handyman.

My husband is the type of guy who remodels our bathrooms, builds cabinets, fixes anything, plows the driveway, changes light bulbs, squishes spiders, and can still make the world’s best homemade pizza.

Sure, he drives me nuts sometimes, but how on earth could I ever leave those kind of benefits behind? (This is a joke, guys. Kind of.)

But really, maybe there’s a lesson on focusing on what your spouse does right instead of all the things he/she does wrong.

8. Focus on finances together.

Many times in a marriage, one partner naturally takes the lead role when it comes to managing the finances.

In my marriage, that person is me. In Your Tango writer Serge Bielanko‘s marriage, that person was his wife — now his ex-wife — and he claims that letting her do all the work on the financial front was one of the biggest mistakes he made in their marriage.

So pair up and tackle those bills together.

9. Find your own happiness.

One of the biggest fights that my husband and I have ever had went down when I was in a dark depression over my job as a night-shift nurse.

While I was sleep-deprived and sobbing on the couch, my husband finally shouted at me to “find my own happiness” and slammed the door, leaving me alone with what felt like a light bulb of an epiphany, because he was so, so right.

As soon as I stopped making my husband responsible for my happiness, life got a whole lot better.

10. Put yourself first.

At the end of the day (but hopefully not the end of your marriage), a good relationship starts with self-care.

Whether that’s being clear about what you need, instead of expecting your spouse to read your mind to losing the mom guilt over leaving the kids at home while you exercise, there is an “I” in marriage, mmmk?




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Sex And Relationship

Christmas In Ghana: Sex Tips For Keeping The Spark Alive In This Festive Season



Christmas In Ghana: Sex Tips For Keeping The Spark Alive In This Festive Season

Christmas can be a stressful time for all adults, with financial and social pressures weighing down on us more than usual.

And while we rush around trying to think of everything, we can tend to take our stress out on those closest to us.

According to sex and relationship expert Charisse Cooke, Christmas is the time of year when romantic relationships are put under greatest strain.

“It’s very tough. There are a lot of demands placed on couples, with extended family and children to think about, as well as very high expectations of what Christmas should be like,” Charisse, 44, told The Mirror.

She argues the intense strain many relationships are put under during the festive season could be one of the reasons for high rates of divorce in January.

3 things to do as a couple for a deeper connection

Charisse, who has been working in therapy for two decades, focuses specifically on human relationships (both romantic and non-romantic).

During her 20 years in the industry she’s worked for rehab centres, family therapists and private practice. Now, she offers free relationship and sex resources on her website.

“I’m interested in how couples speak to each other, how they treat each other, how they demonstrate love to each other in terms of sex and physical touch,” she said.

Charisse believes a healthy sex life is the most important factor in maintaining a strong relationship – and if couples are ignoring issues in the bedroom, those issues will almost definitely spill over into other aspects of the relationship.

“Sex is often a stealth destroyer of relationships if things are not going well,” she explained.

“Often, within a couple, each person will have differing sex drives and desires. The person with the lowest desire controls how much sex takes place, so an imbalance already exists.

“That imbalance becomes even more pronounced if their sex life isn’t good.

“Any couples therapist will say that if you can get sex right it takes care of a lot of the other problems connected with it, like feeling valued and secure in the relationship.”

black couple in bed - QED.NG

As we enter the festive season, Charisse thinks many preoccupied couples can fall into the trap of neglecting their sex lives while they dream up ideas of the “perfect” Christmas – which aren’t helped by social media and films.

“It’s also a time that’s about family – and there aren’t many other times in the year that are so much about coming together as a family.”

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She added many people project ideas of a perfect, harmonious family from their childhood onto their partners.

Charisse said: “This holiday that’s specifically about family becomes a melting pot of all our wishes, young and old. But it’s unrealistic.”

In order to combat the pressures this time of year can bring, Charisse has set a challenge for couples to keep the spark alive, making sure they dedicate time to their sex lives:

  1. Sex for breakfast – By starting the day off with a bit of fun, Charisse reckons you can keep your partner thinking about you all day
  2. Mix up locations – The expert thinks keeping things fresh is important, and suggests getting steamy in different parts of the house like the shower or the stairs – or even underneath the Christmas tree
  3. Stay moisturised – Charisse recommends carrying around lubricant so you and your partner are always well prepared prepared if the feeling takes you
  4. Treats for dessert – Everyone loves a sweet treat, and Charisse says you can inject passion into your relationship by enjoying chocolate, mince pies and Bailey’s – off your partner’s naked body
  5. No sex, no sleep – If you and your partner haven’t managed to be intimate all day, Charisse sees no problem with squeezing in a quickie before bedtime

“I want the tips to be an exciting challenge. I don’t want it to feel like another chore,” she said.

For those who really don’t have time to squeeze in extra sex during the Christmas period, she recommends at least being as flirty as possible with your partner.

“Bring in the flirting and more sex will come in January. You may not be able to have sex but I still want you to see your partner as a over.

black-couple-in-bed | SBM

“From that place, bring the sexual energy into the relationship,” she said.

Charisse hopes her five top tips will be a start in injecting passion back into relationships that might be struggling.

“Sex is a very easy win to get that back, then you can build on that whole resource to tackle other issues that are ongoing.

“As a therapist, I like to focus on solutions. There’s a more united front, more goodwill and more togetherness when you’re sexually close and enjoying each other.”

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Sex And Relationship

Christmas In Ghana: 4 Best Tips To Help You Find Love This Festive Season



Christmas In Ghana: 4 Best Tips To Help You Find Love This Festive Season

This festive season, find love.

Christmas and New Year get everyone in the mood for a holiday season.

The air has a romantic vibe that brings everyone together. Love flourishes during this time.

It is believed that those who form relationships during December formulate strong and healthy bonds for the future.

This time is indeed magical and celebrates love. And so, this is the perfect time to look for a special someone.

We bring to you some tips that might just help you do so:

Look for holiday events

This holiday season hosts many events around the world and so, it makes all the more sense to go holiday events to meet and mingle with different people. Love can blossom anytime, and if it does right in the middle of festivities, then there’s nothing more romantic than that!

Dating websites

It’s time to join a dating website. Honestly, nobody wants to be alone during this holiday season and so, profile begin to flood online dating websites. People look for dates to spend the most beautiful time of the year with or either to take them to a family event. Anyways, it always work out!

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Make a move

Have you been eyeing someone for quite some while now? Maybe it’s time to make that move. Don’t be shy or hesitant to ask someone out on a date. Making the first move oozes confidence and attractiveness.

Go on dates

You can always invite friend of yours to go on a brunch or dinner to a beautiful restaurant that has all the right kinds of vibes to it. This way you can meet potential partners who are equally looking for dating opportunities as you.

Merry Christmas in advance!!!!!

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