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Reason Why Ladies Will Not Fall In Love

Reason Why Ladies Will Not Fall In Love

Women fall out of love every day. However, the loss of these loving feelings doesn’t happen suddenly. Here are some of the reasons women will not fall in love.

When she doesn’t feel appreciated. If you want your lady to stay in a relationship with you, you’ll need to show her how much she means to you. It is important that a woman feels appreciated by her partner. Men are usually good at this in the beginning of a relationship when it’s still new, but as the novelty ends, the attention die down too. When you often express your love and appreciation to your woman, you help nurture the relationships.  

The Relationship lacks intimacy. With this point, you may be thinking about intimacy as sex but intimacy is not sex. Sex is a physical activity and does not always involve love or intimacy like sharing your secrets and most private thoughts. It’s all about establishing an openness that allows you to talk about almost anything with that special person. A woman appreciates that the feeling of trust and it will probably make her love for her man even stronger.

Also when reality steps in. at the beginning of the relationship, it’s like a honeymoon phase; the love would seem so sweet and crises free until the most parts starts to happen. Truth is, this honeymoon phase doesn’t last long, its coupled with the many other stuff that comes along. After a while , reality sets in and most expectations are not met , most women tend to fall out.

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Constant Hiccups like misunderstanding, fighting’s and arguments could make a woman fall out of love. These arguments always creates a negative atmosphere and builds up negative energies around the relationship. She will start exhibiting signs that she is no more interested , a short while after things like this starts to happen .

Emotional connection. Poor communication or no communication at all is one of the main reasons women fall out of love. They need to feel connected to their partners emotionally as well as physically in order to love and be loved. When there’s little communication, some women will fall out.

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