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Professor Gyampo Opposes SDA’s Call for Election Date Change

Renowned Political Science Lecturer at the University of Ghana, Professor Ransford Gyampo, has weighed in on the Seventh Day Adventist Church’s appeal to the Electoral Commission of Ghana to alter the 2024 election date, asserting that it could set a precedent for future requests.

The SDA’s request is based on the contention that scheduling the election on December 7, a crucial democratic milestone for Ghana, clashes with the Sabbath—a sacred day devoted to worship.

This plea has sparked extensive discussions within political circles and among analysts. During an appearance on Joy News’ News File, Professor Gyampo cautioned against endorsing the SDA’s request, emphasizing that it could open the floodgates for similar demands from diverse groups in the future.

“If we allow this tomorrow, if election day is on Friday, Muslims will tell us that they go to the mosque on Friday and we shouldn’t. If it falls on Sunday, with a majority of Ghanaians being Christians, they may argue that it disrupts their chosen day of worship,” Gyampo remarked.

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Highlighting Ghana’s commitment to laws, he underscored that while the constitution guarantees religious expression, it also designates the country as a secular state. Gyampo stressed that the freedom to practice religion should not infringe on the rights of those with differing beliefs.

“In our constitution, Ghana guarantees the free expression of our religion. At the same time, the constitution says we are a secular state. So, people have the right to exercise their religion, but this must not be done in a way that projects their religious beliefs over those of others,” Gyampo stated.

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