According to her, all other requirements such as the Tax Identification Number (TIN) from Ghana Revenue Authority in registration will no longer be of use.

Mrs Oware stated that the registration system is being upgraded to take up the NIA cards after the government’s directive.

“From January of next year, it is just going to be the NIA card. Our system speaks with other institutions such as the Ghana Post to the National Identification Authority to identify people in our system.”

The Registrar stated that the 17 processes one ought to undergo before a business is registered have been simplified to three processes.

This, according to her, is due to the merging of forms and processes with other institutions.

“Most of the agencies that have anything to do with business registration, have been linked up with us electronically. For instance, our system speaks to Ghana Revenue Authority system to generate the TIN. Our systems are going to be speaking to National Identification Authority system to identify.”

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Mrs Oware said a major challenge that the Registrar Department was faced with which affected the business registration was the outbreak of Covid-19 in Ghana.

“Covid was a challenge, it caused us to lose so much  revenue, it caused us to change our way of doing business entirely because we had to run a shift with the staff but what that meant was that the general public can’t be expecting the same kind of service because our staff had been reduced. So I think most businesses also suffered, fillings went down considerably so I think that was challenging,” she said.

She also noted that the lack of NIA from applicants also slowed down the pace of business registration.

“Now there are more requirements. For instance, everybody now needs a National Identification Authority card and that is affecting the rate at which businesses are being registered. We didn’t realize it but most people didn’t have an NIA card.”

She, however, stated that businesses are picking up since a number of people are patronizing the NIA card.