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Momo Agents To Limit Cash Withdrawals To GHC 1,000 Per Transaction From December 1

Four prominent mobile money agents associations in Ghana, namely the Northern MoMo Agents Association of Ghana (NOMAAG), the Mobile Money Advocacy Group (MOMAG), the Mobile Money Agents Association Ghana (MMAAG), and ABAG, have jointly declared a temporary restriction on cash withdrawals to GHS1,000 per transaction effective December 1st, 2023. This measure aims to ensure equitable compensation for committed agents, as conveyed in a joint press release issued by the associations’ leadership.

The decision, communicated through an official statement, underscores the associations’ dedication to addressing concerns about commission reviews and striving for fair remuneration for mobile money agents across various service providers in Ghana.

The released statement highlighted the purpose behind this action, emphasizing the commitment to fair compensation for agents during this period of implementation. Furthermore, it indicated ongoing engagements with service providers to discuss and resolve the concerns raised regarding commission reviews.

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The associations expressed their intention to review the situation after a one-month duration. In the event of a lack of satisfactory adjustments within this timeframe, the statement hinted at the possibility of implementing additional action plans, albeit regrettably.

Encouraging solidarity and support from stakeholders, the press release called for collective efforts in advocating for fair compensation for mobile money agents. It emphasized the significance of cooperation in maintaining the sustainability of mobile money services within Ghana.

This initiative reflects the collective stance of the mobile money agents associations to address compensation disparities and ensure fairness in the remuneration structure for agents, while also signaling a willingness to take further steps if necessary to resolve the ongoing concerns related to commission reviews.

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