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Medical and Dental Council Inducts 295 Physician Assistants and Qualified Anaesthetists

The Medical and Dental Council of Ghana has inducted 295 Physician Assistants and Qualified Anaesthetists who have successfully completed their training and met all requirements set by the Council. The newly inducted professionals, hailing from various training institutions across the country, have passed their licensure examinations and are set to undergo a mandatory one-year internship.

These Physician Assistants are poised to play a crucial role in health facilities, where they will diagnose and administer medical, oral, and anaesthesia services to patients. Dr. Divine Nanyubala, Registrar of the Council, stressed the importance of responsibility and ethical practice among the inductees, reminding them of the significant role they play in the lives of their patients.

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Dr. Nanyubala emphasized the Council’s commitment to overseeing the inductees’ basic training and formally admitting them into the profession. He noted that permanent registration would only be granted after the professionals have met all required standards.

Addressing the inductees, Dr. Constance Adoyobo, a Member of the 10th Board of the Medical and Dental Council, advised them to stay within their professional limits and avoid engaging in practices beyond their scope of competence. She emphasized the importance of maintaining a respectful relationship with seniors and seeking guidance when in doubt.

Dr. Hafez Adam, Director for External Health Cooperation at the Ministry of Health (MOH), highlighted the Ministry’s commitment to ensuring professionalism and accountability among medical professionals. He emphasized the need for adherence to professional ethics and guidelines, especially as the sector works towards universal healthcare delivery.

Dr. Adam acknowledged the shortage of doctors in many districts and emphasized the necessity of posting Physician Assistants to fill these gaps and provide essential healthcare services to communities in need. He expressed hope that the development of a supervision model would enhance the quality of internship for Physician Assistants and ensure the effective implementation of guidelines.

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