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Massive Turnout for Alan Kyerematen’s Afrafranto Walk In Kumasi

Hundreds of enthusiastic individuals joined Hon. Alan Kyerematen during the Afrafranto Walk in Kumasi today, amplifying momentum behind his independent bid for the 2024 presidential seat. The event resonated with resounding cheers, reflecting a community deeply invested in Kyerematen’s leadership.


Videos capturing the spirited walk showcased an outpouring of enthusiasm and confidence in Kyerematen’s ability to steer the nation. The vibrant atmosphere that swept through Kumasi portrayed a collective belief in his leadership acumen, underscoring a resolute determination to walk hand-in-hand towards a shared vision for the nation’s future.

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However, the walk’s significance extends beyond the celebration of support for Kyerematen. His departure from the New Patriotic Party (NPP) to pursue an independent candidacy has sent ripples through the political landscape. Analysts anticipate that this move may sway a substantial portion of former NPP supporters toward Kyerematen’s new movement, potentially challenging the NPP’s stronghold in the upcoming presidential elections.

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