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Make Internet Accessible and Affordable to Promote Digital Inclusion – Prof. Onwona-Agyemang to African Governments

Professor Boateng Onwona-Agyemang, the Provost of the College of Basic and Applied Sciences at the University of Ghana, has called on African governments to invest more in developing robust digital platforms across the continent. He emphasized the importance of making the internet more accessible, affordable, and reliable to promote digital inclusion, which is crucial for social and economic growth.

Prof. Onwona-Agyemang made these remarks at the inaugural Studentpreneur Africa Festival held at the University of Ghana in Accra. The event, organized by the Institute of Applied Science and Technology, the University of Ghana Computing Systems, and Springfield Events, aims to address emerging issues in education, technology, innovation, entrepreneurship, and mentorship.

Highlighting the need for strong digital platforms for business registration and robust digital tax filing systems, Prof. Onwona-Agyemang stressed that these are critical for boosting entrepreneurship in Africa. However, he noted that many rural and underserved populations in Africa lack access to the internet, limiting their ability to participate in the digital economy.

According to a report by the African Development Bank (AfDB), women in Africa’s rural areas are particularly affected by the digital divide, with only four percent having internet access. Prof. Onwona-Agyemang emphasized that connectivity is a critical pillar of digital inclusion.

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He also underscored the importance of making digital tools and resources more available to bridge the digital divide and enable people in rural and underserved areas to fully participate in the digital economy. He urged African governments to continue advancing digital inclusion to ensure that everyone has access to the digital tools and resources needed to thrive in the digital economy.

Prof. David Dodoo-Arhin, Director of the Institute of Applied Science and Technology, emphasized that Ghana and Africa’s future depend on their ability to harness the possibilities of technology. He encouraged student entrepreneurs to innovate and create solutions that address contemporary employment challenges, urging them to disrupt the status quo and seek inspiration from the rich cultural heritage of Africa.

Professor Felix Ankomah Asante, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research, Innovation, and Development at the University of Ghana, highlighted the institution’s commitment to equipping students with practical skills for the world of work. He noted that the university has increased its efforts to foster an innovative culture and promote entrepreneurship, strengthening the capacity of its Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property Services Team to support the innovation ecosystem.

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