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Mahama Vows to Address Accra’s Water Crisis If Elected President

During his recent address at the regional house of chiefs as part of his Building Ghana Tour, John Dramani Mahama, the flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), unveiled a comprehensive strategy aimed at improving water accessibility in Accra.

Amidst Accra’s recent water shortages, which Ghana Water Limited attributes to the city’s growing population, Mahama emphasized the importance of proactive measures to tackle the pressing water crisis. He highlighted the rapid urbanization of Accra and stressed the necessity of foresight in managing water resources effectively.

Mahama pointed out that while significant progress was made in augmenting water capacity between the administrations of Professor Mills and his own tenure, subsequent years witnessed a stagnation in expansion efforts.

“We also want to expand water supply to Accra. Accra is going very fast. Recently, the Ghana Water Company complained that they can’t keep up with the supply of water because of the fast expansion of water. What you do is you plan ahead, and that is what we did.”

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In outlining his vision to solve the water crisis, Mahama reaffirmed his commitment to addressing Accra’s evolving needs, pledging to prioritize the expansion of water supply upon assuming office.

“Between Professor Mills’ time and my time, we added 40 million gallons of water to Accra’s water supply. In the last eight years, there has not been a single drop expansion in Accra’s water supply. So why do you expect that the water will be enough?

“This is a city that is growing. And so after we added 40 million gallons, at least in eight years, you should have added another 20 million gallons. We have started planning ahead already that when we come into office, we are going to increase the water supply to Accra.”

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