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Isaac Kyei Andoh Celebrates Akrobeto.

Columnist Isaac Kyei Andoh celebrates popular kumawood actor Akorobeto who was born Akwasi Boadi.

In a lengthy post on his Facebook page, he gave series of throwbacks concerning peculiar actors who have taken the Ghanaian movie industry far of which Akwasi Boadi was no exception.

He comenced his post by giving a throwback in 2002 when legendary actor, Santo passed away which led to the domination of the movie industry by Nigeria.

Gradually, the Ghanaian movie industry came back into the limelight when Nana Ama Mcbrown, Agya Koo and co emerged and ignited the Ghanaian industry again.
According to him, Agya Koo who was the best comedian and actor reigned in the movie industry between the years 2005 and 2011; adding that the date may not be entirely correct.

After the reign of Agya Koo came Kwaku Manu who emerged within a short time. According to him, Kwaku Manu introduced him as his manger despite the fact that it was unofficial. When Kwaku Manu came into the limelight, he featured in lots of movies which made him more famous and he began to be featured in most Ghanaian local movies.

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Not only was Kwaku Manu featured in movies but he also ventured into music releasing his first album in 2013 which matched the taste of most Ghanaians especially those in Kumasi.

Moving on, Lil win came into the limelight and started taking prominent roles in the movie industry after featuring movies with Kwaku Manu for sometime.

According to Isaac, Kwaku Manu wasn’t gaining movie roles like how he used to due to the fact that most producers looked up to Lil win. Adding that, Kwaku Manu was no longer the one who was moved by those in Kumasi, it was now Lil win. Lil win had the cheer of the people due to the fact that his image sold movies and generated lots of revenue.

Commending the consistency of Akrobeto, he stated that Akrobeto has been consistent in the movie industry from the era of Agya Koo hitherto.

According to him, Akrobeto is the most consistent actor in local movie industry over long number of years.

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Akrobeto is to me the most consistent male actor in the history of local movies, over 15 year, he has remained relevant. Never been the number one always the ‘number two’ and never out of the game”.

The columnist added that Akrobeto stayed professional despite the fact that Agya koo and Kwaku Manu refused to act along with Lil win, Akrobeto did otherwise labeling his act as professional. He also commended Akwasi Boadi for his versatility and good acting.

Climaxing, he added that Akrobeto has taught a lesson to many people in our competitive world.

In a competitive world where everyone strives to be first, Akrobeto teaches us something different:that you can be one of the best, if not the best at number two”.

Showing his appreciation and celebrating Akrobeto using his popular slogan ‘who nose tomorrow’, he said;

Ladies and gentlemen, today I am proud to celebrate Akwasi Boadi Akrobeto, a man who truly nose tomorrow”.

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