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Is It Ever Ok To Ask Someone If They Are Single?

Are you single? This is exciting. Why are they asking? Do they want to know if you are not in any intimate relationship so that they can ask you out on a date? Or they just want to satisfy their curiosity? These are some of the questions that runs through your mind when someone asks you if you are in a relationship. On a flip side, some even ask if you are married.

The problem with the question is the answer anyway. When asked such questions, you begin to wonder why you are being asked such questions and what they need the questions for. Sometimes you may get irritated and blur up. That’s is just Ok! Your response to such questions is dependent on how the question is put before you. However, some people may not find anything wrong with such questions. Such people may mostly be extroverts as compared to introverts who would not want to interact or communicate about anything at all including their personal life.

Asking people if they are single is a whole puzzle altogether. This is basically because the person asking the question may perhaps have no idea how one will act when asked such a question.
You can basically ask an indirect question which will lead to the individual opening up to you and not necessarily going straight to the point especially when you are not sure of their post­-reaction.

Be very tactical and careful in asking questions when it comes to sensitive or personal ones because very few people are willing to give out such information.

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