The Maestro, Kojo Antwi, who was introduced to the stage in a golden chair of the 30th editionof his ‘Lovers Celebration Concert’, performed to the delight of the audience, leaving them asking for more after three hours of non-stop performance.

A charged-up atmosphere got almost everyone in the auditorium singing along; word-for-word, pitch after pitch, hits after hits, as Kojo Antwi performed his rich repertoire of classics.

The veteran described the night as “the greatest” of the thirty editions of the Lovers Celebration concert.

The many fans who travelled from all around the world for an intimate night with Mr. Music Man, are the fire behind Kojo Antwi’s urge to celebrate love on a day he has truly made special. He takes none of these fans for granted.

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In an exclusive interview with Joy Entertainment monitored by, the ‘Afofanto’ hit-maker expressed gratitude to his fans, characterized by facial emotions and gestures, for making the night a special one.

Asked what he thinks moves people to register their presence for the last three decades, Kojo Antwi said “I win disciples and they stick with me for life. They are not just for moments, albums, nor trends. These are people who truly love my music. I don’t have the words to describe how it makes me feel. I just thank God and I thank them.”

Mr. Music Man revealed that he was willing to treat his disciples to more ‘musical sermons’ on the night because “there’s nothing more fulfilling than playing for people, you can feel their love, you can almost touch their love in the air, how can you stop playing?”. Simply put, “it’s spiritual, it’s healing.

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In an attempt to show appreciation ‘in the least way possible’, Kojo Antwi gifted a fan who had stuck with him by showing up for every edition of the concert, a brand new iPhone 13 Pro Max.

However, what he really wished for as a sign of expressing his innermost feelings for such loyalty would be to give all his disciples a part of him.

“If I could, I would plug this heart, chop it into pieces and spread it to all of them. I appreciate Ghanaians. I adore them all, I adore everyone”, he revealed.

He hopes to have an even better show in 2022. A good clue for non-disciples to prepare for baptism on December 24, 2022.