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How To Treat Bed Bugs At Home (DIY).

Bedbugs can be worrying when they are in your home. They make sleeping extremely uncomfortable and takes over your furniture, bed etc. You can however do a DIY treatment to cease the operation of bedbugs in your homes. Here’s how to treat bedbugs at home.

Reduce Clatter.
Remove all personal items like toys,blankets or anything that do not permanently stay in the room. Be mindful that items from the infested area can transfer bedbugs to other areas . It is best to store them in a plastic rubber and tie them.

Dismantle Bed Frames.
Dismantling bed frames in infested areas expose the hiding places of bedbugs. It is very important to know the hiding places of the bedbugs and clean areas thoroughly. You can use a flashlight through a gauze fabric and search for the bedbugs. If your mattress or box springs are infested, you may want to get a new mattress because sleeping in infested mattress will make sleeping very uncomfortable. You can also get encasements around the mattress to prevent bed bugs from entering. There’s no need to to treat mattresses or box springs when using encasements.

Remove Dresser Drawers.
Remove drawers of dressers since bed bugs like to hide in those areas. Turn furniture over, if possible dismantle the furniture and inspect every area to look out for the insects. Also, all furniture should be pulled away from the walls.

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Launder Infested Garments And Linens.
Remove everything that stay in the room permanently. Things like electronics, blankets, etc and take them out of the room and inspect them thoroughly. You can wash them if possible. Be cautioned that items from infested areas can as well transfer bedbugs to other areas and therefore advisable to bag them.

Clean The Area.
Scrub infested areas thoroughly with a stiff brush to remove eggs. Vacuum the room extensively. Vacuum along furniture, beds, stands, foot boards,buttons, edges of beds, edges of carpets and so on. Bed bugs cling tightly to surfaces and therefore it is best to vacuum by scraping the end of the vacuum attachment over the infested area to pull out the bed bugs. It is not advisable to use a bristle attachment because you may transfer bedbugs to other areas since they cling to the brush. Dispose off vacuum cleaner bags after cleaning and live a bed bugs free life as well as enjoy a good sleep.

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