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Ghana’s Electricity export hits Two-Decade high

The electricity export of Ghana in 2019 climaxed to the uppermost level in two decades, with 1,430 Gigawatt hours (GWh) representing 7.9 percent of total electricity generation, exported to neighboring countries, the Energy Commission’s National Energy Statistics report has discovered.

Ghana’s electricity imports in 2019 dropped to 127 GWh, equivalent 0.7 percent of total generation and the bottommost level since 2014.

This returned a net electricity export (export minus import) of 1,227 GWh in 2019, double the net export value of 600 GWh in 2018 and also the maximum level in two decades.

Two decades ago, in the year 2000, the country was a net importer of electricity, with 864 GWh-or 13.7 of the overall generation-imported in contrast to 392 GWh-or 5.9 percent of the total generation-exported.

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