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Few Digital Skills That Can Make Students Instantly Employable.

Over the years, companies all over the world have digitized their processes and businesses . Till date, companies are employing artificial intelligence to streamline flow of works and supply chain.

Some universities and colleges have training personnels and have modified their curriculum to meet the growing demand of digital knowledge and practices in the job market. Here are some few digital skills educators should offer in their portfolio to meet students and industry needs.

Social Media.
According to recent study, there are about 2.7 billion people on various social media platforms. From these, 2.5 billion are active users on mobile devices. The ability to understand and utilize social media effectively is a core skill every professional should have. Social media marketing goes beyond posting a tweet or posting on Facebook and other social media platforms, it’s about understanding the dynamic relationship between brands, influencers and consumers. Business needs to reach consumers in a way that will drive traffic to your website. Educators should recognize the influence of social media to maximize collective engagements in order to provide graduates with valuable and applicable skills.

Search Engine Marketing(SEM).
This is one of the most influential way marketers rely on. Students with SEM will be able to increase the visibility of a company’s website on a search engine basically through paid advertising. By doing so, businesses will attract more customers and rapidly grow.

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Content Marketing.
Contents comes in different forms; blog posts, podcasts, info graphics as well as status updates.
Content is very crucial in driving brand awareness and can establish brands and influencers. Therefore it is very important to understand the importance of creating and not just content.

One of the best ways to obtain and retain leads through a tried and tested method is email. People may change from their social media accounts and home addresses but are less likely to change their emails. This is basically why professionals that understand the power in using emails are in high demand due to their direct connection with consumers. Educators need to teach students how to use emails in order to be able to use and apply their knowledge of it at the industry level or workplace.

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