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Fatherhood: No 1 on Netflix

Kevin Hart’s ‘Fatherhood’ number on Netflix.

The intriguing movie which premiered on Netflix on the 18th of this month has already received so many good reviews.


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Moving from his normal comedic characters, Kevin Hart played the role of Matt, a caring father who had to take the responsibility of a mother and father after his wife died after delivery.

Taking to Instagram, the multi-award-winning comedian made public how important the movie is to him.  He said, “The best part of filming Fatherhood was having my family with me the entire time….I’m constantly trying to find ways to teach my kids whatever I can….our kids are sponges 🧽….they are willing to soak up whatever information we give them. While shooting this movie they worked on set and took it seriously….I was so proud of them….got to be a father while filming Fatherhood 😂….We are dropping on @netflix june18th ….let’s goooooooo #Fatherhood”

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