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Ex Prez. JJ Rawlings was not ready to leave power -Prof Kwamena Ahwoi

President Jerry John Rawlings’ previous appointee, Professor Kwamena Ahwoi has disclosed that the founder of the opposition party, National Democratic Congress(NDC) was a heeding head of state at the time of change to a constitutional rule but was not willing to let go of his power.

Agreeing with Professor Kwamena Ahwoi, it was not easy to push Mr. Rawlings to introduce constitutional rule into the country in 1992.

The then president however, mentioned in a currently held interview that he does cosider a constitutional rule.

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Professor Ahwoi stated “one thing about Rawlings was that he listens but I think because of his background as a military man even if he agrees with you, he will not tell you I agree with you.”

“He will create the impression that he is sticking to his position but the next day you will see that he comes around to your position, and I think that was good on his part”, he said.

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