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Eno Barony Slams ‘Unfit Rappers’ Sista Afia and Freda Rhymz.

Eno Barony ignores the diss rap songs and attacks from musicians Sista Afia and Freda Rhymes.

The rapper who has labeled herself as the ‘Rap god’ believes that the two do not meet up the standard to battle with her.

For some days now, Sista Afia’s ‘WMT’ has influxed a lot of controversies in the media after releasing it on 22nd April, 2020.

Some people concluded that the song was directed to Wendy Shay, Sister Derby and Efia Odo. However, Sista Afia refuted the claims.

The song has received some counter blows from Freda Rhymes’s ‘KMT’and Eno Barony’s ‘Rap Goddess’.

Being interviewed by MzGee on Showbiz 927 on 3 Fm, Eno said “If somebody had done rap that’s when I will feel offended but I feel some people are just talking”.

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When it comes to rap when I hear certain things not going well and people wanna call it a rap that’s when I talk about it”. She said when she was asked if Sista Afia’s ‘WMT’ and Freda Rhymes ‘KMT’ are not good.

She disregarded Sista Afia’s song and said “She actually addressed a lot of issues in her song but me saying all she got was ‘wele’, you know ‘wele’ doesn’t give any nutrients like that . So if she has got some response from wherever she threw her angels at that is when it would have been a beef”.

However, she disclosed that she has no issues with Freda Rhymz.

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If I actually want to fight somebody, I have to find someone in my size to fight. The fact that Corona come doesn’t mean doesn’t mean anything should come into my territory because everybody knows I am the rap goddess. Freda is a small girl”. She stated.

When you talk about rap, you know where you are heading to and that is my house, that is my territory. So if somebody comes stirring the soup, since she didn’t do it well I don’t feel the need of beefing,” Eno added.

This banter is trending and it looks like the beef is getting heated up and no one wants to keep mute about it.

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