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ECG Representatives Storm Parliament to Disconnect Power Over GH₵23m Outstanding Debt

Today, officials representing the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) have made an unprecedented move by arriving at the premises of Parliament. Their purpose? To disconnect the legislative house from the national power grid due to an alarming outstanding debt totaling GH₵23 million.

This dramatic action comes amidst ECG’s vigorous efforts over the past year to increase revenue collection. Witnesses have observed ECG officials strategically positioned around crucial power transformers supplying electricity to Parliament, signaling the seriousness of their intent.

If left unresolved, this standoff could leave Parliament without the essential power needed to conduct its daily affairs. This development follows a recent incident where Accra Academy Senior High School experienced a similar fate, plunging into darkness after ECG disconnected its electricity supply due to arrears amounting to GHS480,000.

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In light of these events, ECG officials have voiced their concerns about the company’s ongoing struggle with accumulating debt. Speaking on the Super Morning Show on February 20, a representative highlighted the pressing issue, stating, “The problem ECG finds itself in is consistent debt. And every month, our debt profile is different. So we have to be more aggressive because we have bills to pay. We have issues so we have to be less compassionate, unfortunately.”

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Source: Adom News

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