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ECG Debunks ‘Dumsor’ Claims, Assures No Need for Load-Shedding Timetable

The Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) has refuted claims of a return to ‘dumsor’, assuring citizens that recent power interruptions do not warrant the implementation of a load-shedding timetable.

Addressing concerns, Laila Abubakar, the External Communications Manager at ECG, emphasized that various factors may contribute to the recent power cuts, denying the resurgence of ‘dumsor’.

Abubakar clarified, “When your power goes off, it is not always a matter of load shedding. There are several issues, some of which are beyond ECG’s control. We are actively addressing those within our purview.”

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She further explained, “There aren’t any issues with shedding load. The load shed, commonly associated with ‘dumsor’, is not occurring. However, we understand the public’s concerns and want to reassure them that there won’t be a need for a timetable.”

In response to inquiries about ‘dumsor’, Abubakar urged for clarity on the term’s definition, stating, “Unfortunately, there wouldn’t be a timetable.”


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