The medical supplies included 80 rolls of cotton wool, 452 pieces of gauze bandage, 160 packs of plaster, pleural drainage Systems and, 400 closed wound suction units.

The rest are sutures, surgical drainage, and plaster casting.

Dr. Rafiq Okine, on behalf of the Country Representative of the WHO said, the much-needed medical supplies were to support the management of all forms of injuries, including surgical operations for affected Apeastse victims receiving treatment in the various hospitals in the Region.

He said, “I also wish to extend our deepest condolences to the families who lost their loved ones in the last Thursday’s tragic incident “.

During the donation the Western Regional Health Director, Dr. Yaw Ofori Yeboah passionately appealed to other organizations to support the Western Region Health Directorate to enable them care for victims who were seriously injured during Thursday’s explosion.

Dr. Ofori Yeboah said the health directorate is working assiduously in making sure that the various health facilities where the victims were taken to, are on top of administering the best medical care for them.