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Beyond ChatGPT: 14 Mind-Blowing AI Tools Everyone Should Be Trying Out Now

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a transformative technology, revolutionizing various aspects of our lives. While applications like ChatGPT have garnered significant attention, the realm of AI extends far beyond. Here, we explore 14 groundbreaking AI tools that everyone should be familiar with to fully grasp the capabilities of this technology.

1. ChatGPT

Starting with the viral sensation ChatGPT, this conversational interface for OpenAI’s GPT-3 model is capable of generating text in any form, from prose and poetry to computer code.

2. Dall-E 2

Another OpenAI project, Dall-E 2, transforms text prompts into stunning computer graphics, including images, photos, and paintings.

3. Stable Diffusion 2

A text-to-image generative AI application, Stable Diffusion 2 offers open-source access, allowing users to download and install it on their computers, unlike the proprietary nature of some other tools.

4. Lumen5

This AI-powered video creation tool simplifies the process of creating educational, marketing, or business video content with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

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5. Soundraw

An automated music generator, Soundraw lets users create royalty-free AI music by selecting the genre, instruments, mood, and track length.

6. Looka

Looka uses AI to design unique and distinctive logos, making it easy for businesses to create customized marketing materials without design skills.

7. Podcastle

This audio recording and editing platform incorporates AI to produce clear, professionally edited recordings, automating tasks such as sound cleanup and transcription.

8. Gen-1

A cloud-based text-to-video platform, Gen-1 creates new videos from uploaded ones using text prompts to apply desired edits and effects or create animations from storyboard mock-ups.

9. Lalal.ai

Using a neural network system called Phoenix, Lalal.ai automates audio source separation, extracting elements like vocals or specific instrumental tracks from any audio or video content.

10. Deep Nostalgia

Deep Nostalgia brings historic family photographs to life by animating faces, allowing you to see your ancestors smile, blink, and laugh.

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11. Murf

A text-to-speech engine, Murf creates natural-sounding synthetic vocal recordings in 15 languages, ideal for automated marketing or video content narration and voiceovers.

12. Legal Robot

This tool translates complex legal language into straightforward terms, making legal documents accessible to anyone and ensuring clarity in legal communications.

13. Cleanup.Pictures

Cleanup.Pictures allows users to retouch images by removing unwanted objects or defects, using AI to create the perfect image.

14. Fireflies

Integrating with popular video conferencing tools, Fireflies automates note-taking and transcription, analyzing conversations to provide insights into meeting dynamics and decision-making.

AI has truly become a democratizing technology, offering tools that anyone can use to enhance their daily lives and business operations. As AI continues to evolve, staying informed about these tools will be crucial to leveraging their full potential.


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