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Bernard Okoe-Boye Calls on Hospitals to Use Generators During this “Dumsor” Period


Health Minister-designate, Bernard Okoe-Boye, has advised healthcare facilities to make use of alternative power sources, specifically generator sets, in light of the recent unstable power supply.

This comes after calls were made to exempt health facilities from the ongoing intermittent power cuts due to their negative impact on healthcare delivery.

During a visit to the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, Dr. Okoe-Boye addressed the media, emphasizing the need to discuss the power supply issues without emotional bias.

He highlighted that while some hospitals have standby power plants, they may face challenges such as generator malfunctions or fuel supply issues.

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He urged stakeholders to focus on essential aspects of the issue, suggesting questions like, “Is the hospital’s generator working? If not, what steps have been taken to address it?” Dr. Okoe-Boye emphasized the importance of constructive discussions and practical solutions, noting that out of forty government hospitals in Accra, around thirty have power plants while ten do not.

He stressed the need for accountability, suggesting that those responsible for non-functional generators should be questioned about their actions.

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