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Angry Funny Face Replies Lilwin and three others.

The beef amongst these Ghanaian celebrities is getting more interesting and intensified. The beef between Lilwin and Funnyface is generating to a whole different level.
Funnyface dared three other Comic actors, Bismark the Joke, Kalybos and Lilwin. After some hours, Lilwin, who is also a Kumawood actor reacted to the ‘fim’ challenge and eventually throwing insults at Funnyface. Funnyface challenged Bismark the Joke, Lilwin and Kalybos to utter a word and he will expose their secrets.
Funnyface, also popularly known as ‘Kasoa Vandamme’ replied to his critics and asked them why they would come come on social media and troll him without having the knowledge of the psychological challenges he is going through.
‘Let me tell you something, you don’t know the prayers someone said before God gifted him with twins. You don’t know what someone went through. Keep quiet when someone is going through a situation. Fools! He is too emotional. Animals!. He lamented.
Funnyface cursed all trolls who were against him on social media. He said speaking in the twi dialect ‘All trolls on social media will suffer. Animals!. Your generation will suffer. I’ve given you seven years from now. You will loose everything you cherish. You will feel my pain, the same pain I went through. Are you fools? Animals!. I’m fighting and going through emotional trauma to take care of my children. Are you fools? Animals!. He said angrily.
Meanwhile Bismark the Joke, Kalybos and Lilwin are yet to react to his allegations.

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