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Amin Adam Urges Ghana Revenue Authority to Double Efforts in Revenue Collection

Dr. Mohammed Amin Adam, the Minister for Finance, has emphasized the importance of revenue collection institutions in supporting the government’s efforts to generate the necessary revenue for the country’s development needs.

During a visit to the staff of the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) in Aflao, the Minister highlighted that without adequate revenue, financing the budget would be challenging, with the only alternative being to seek loans.

He commended the GRA staff for their significant contributions to mobilizing revenue for critical government programs and urged them to double their efforts. He expressed his commitment to supporting and working closely with the GRA staff, emphasizing a collective responsibility for success and failure.

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The Minister also outlined plans to implement reforms, including promotions for deserving staff, renovation of staff accommodations, and other measures to motivate the workforce.

“I have just a few months left in my tenure as Finance Minister, but let us work together to make this year memorable for me and all of us. Let’s ensure that during my time as Finance Minister, working with GRA officials, revenue collection was at its best. This is the legacy we must leave,” Dr. Amin Adam stated.

He also warned of sanctions for officers whose actions tarnish the GRA’s image and hinder revenue mobilization, emphasizing the need to restore public confidence.

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In response, the Commissioner General of the GRA, Ms. Julie Essiam, commended the Minister for his commitment to the welfare of GRA staff. She echoed the call for increased revenue collection, especially in an election year, challenging the staff to surpass previous collection targets.

“We have sat down and deliberated on strategies such as revenue growth, IMF structural benchmarks, and the Medium-Term Revenue Strategy. You are key in all these strategies, so help us,” Ms. Essiam urged the GRA staff.

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