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Abeiku Santana Attacks Patience Nyarko Over Joe Mettle Comments.

Celebrated and multiple award winning Ghanaian broadcast journalist, Gilbert Abeiku Aggrey, populary known as Abeiku Santana has attacked Patience Nyarko over the comments she made concerning Joe Mettle.

Few days ago, Patience Nyarko made claims that the media pays too much attention to Joe Mettle and over hypes him.

She added that Joe Mettle doesn’t write his own songs but sings Pentecost and Methodist songs.

Her comments over Joe Mettle have received counter jabs from most social media users as well as people in the industry.

Speaking on Okay 101.7, Abeiku Santana expressed his disappointment in the actions of Patience and described her actions as demonic.

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“Why should she give way for the devil to use her. Why should a Christian come out and attack a fellow Christian?”

The broadcast journalist added that as a gospel musician, she is supposed to do what she preaches. However, she’s doing otherwise which doesn’t speak well of her.

Speaking on the comments of Patience concerning her claims that Joe Mettle sings Pentecost and Methodist songs, Abeiku stated that the word of God is for everyone and gospel musicians even use the word of God in composing their songs. Hence, there’s no reason for Patience to attack Joe Mettle.

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According to Abeiku Santana, the attacks given to Joe Mettle is not an ordinary one and described it as the deeds of demonic spirits to go against the ‘Bo No Ni’ hitmaker.

“This is purely a demonic spirit against minister Joe Mettle but it will not survive. I’m telling you. That demonic agenda against Joe Mettle will not wash in this country”.

Adding that “We will stand in and pray with Joe Mettle.”

Abeiku admonished Patience to cease granting interviews on needless titles and recognitions because they are not important.

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Abeiku Santana Attacks Patience Nyarko.

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